An all-in-one automation driven productivity platform Made just for you

Introducing a no-code, end-to-end automation platform that allows your brilliant teams
to expedite their protocols and streamline their workflow.

Trusted by busy teams like yours

Increase your team’s productivity

by saying goodbye to old-fashioned & inefficient processes


Legally Binding eSignatures

Your signatures just became seamless

Upgrade the speed and security of your document-signing processes by utilizing one of our favorite features. With Legally Binding eSignatures, your customers (and teammates) can thank you for integrating a safer way to handle important documents.

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Collect online payments quickly and securely

Close deals and proposals with ease

Allow your customers to pay you directly with seamless, secure, and fully automated transaction workflow. Accept payments online for events, services, online orders, donations, and more.
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Contracts & Proposals

Welcome to the digital age...

Your digital proposals and contracts just got a facelift

The art of creating, negotiating, and signing contracts feels better when it’s all done from one sleek platform. The Sogomatic platform helps ensure that each and every contract or proposal sent is on-brand and promotes exceptional, customizable business practices.

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The fun doesn’t stop here.

With Sogomatic, there’s no need to abandon the applications and softwares your teams can’t live without. Our platform integrates with ## different providers, ranging from CRM platforms to other creative and analytic-based tools.

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A scan is all you need

No more wasting time and energy

 Simplify the work your team is doing by scanning in the relevant documents necessary for your workflows or your deal cycles.

 Simply take a picture of your document and let our system take the tedious work off your team’s hands.

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Activity Tracking and Notifications

A birds-eye-view of each workflow

Say goodbye to missing even the smallest of deadlines. With our activity tracker, you’ll see where your teammates stand in their workflows and who may need your assistance in furthering things along the way.

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People seem to love what we do...

Because we designed this platform to fit each and every business, no matter the size or the number of teams, with the utmost adaptability and customization to create for the greatest user experience.

“Using Sogomatic really reduces the number of potential points for failure when bringing new patients in. It increases the speed and efficiency and cuts down on the duplication of data entry for both patients and staff members.
With Sogomatic’s platform, we’ve been able to minimize the amount of time it takes our teams to create proposals and get them signed — and like most companies, these processes cost our business time and money that could be put to better use.”

Asaf Calderon

Operations Manager, Novo Nordisk

“Sogomatic has truly aided and improved communication between the linemen and our office. The team is able to work on all mobile devices”

Mark Shaw

Director of Marketing and Communications Kone

“We expedited our order-processing protocol so efficiently that it allowed our sales team to close anywhere between ten to fifteen contracts at once. We’ve never felt better at our jobs before, and our customers are noticing the difference!”

Yuval Levi

VP Sales Wiser Finance

“Sogomatic system entered the organization and made a digital revolution in all the worlds of digital processes and forms, without a doubt a system that improved the customer experience, we also implemented the system on the company website and created digital processes available for our customer 24/7”

Tomer V.

Sales director The Israeli Fuel Company