Sogomatic was founded by a team of dedicated process automation and user-experience experts who recognized the need for a new generation of secure and speedy automation systems.

Sogomatic, a smart system for creating cloud forms combining processes and digital signature

Sogomatic was established after about 10 years of activity in the digital worlds with leading organizations Sogomatic has identified a need with thousands of customers in many organizations and brought a solution that makes life in the organization easy, simple, smart, fast, efficient, secure that also saves time, money and improves customer or employee experience. .
Topology is one of the most hated things about clients of organizations and the employees themselves
The system allows you to fill out, sign and send simple or complex forms without the need for a fax or email directly to your mobile or computer.
Sogomatic regrets its flag to implement in organizations an innovation strategy alongside digitization that ultimately gives the organization, improvement in business processes, improvement in customer experience and saving of resource time and of course a lot of money! And all this with a strong emphasis on information security!

Gone are the days when...

Your legal team needs to rummage through their cabinets and folders to find the agreed-upon contract. When the sales team is spending two or more hours building a presentation for a prospective client. When the marketing team is a day behind their digital campaign launch because their digital assets aren’t properly organized. When the operations team is stuck in their tracks because they’re still waiting for a client signature.

With Sogomatic, the worries of most businesses are put to rest while their teams’ workflows are working for them, not against them.

Your business’s needs are at the forefront of it all.

Sogomatic is a cloud-based BPA software that provides businesses with fast-moving teams an easy-to-use, no code solution for streamlining the processes and workflows they execute every day.

The platform addresses the ever-evolving challenges brought on by the digital enlightenment that today’s businesses are seeing more than ever before. Our platform, in turn, has completely shifted the way dozens of companies and organizations conduct business; from their legal and operational teams to their sales and marketing divisions.

Why Sogomatic?

The teams that utilize our platform to its greatest potential are the ones who strive for performing consistent, excellent business practices. The teams who put the efficiency of their talents and their customer’s needs at the pinnacle of their workflows. The teams who want to produce an unparalleled user experience for their customers day-in and day-out.

The bundle of features on our platform allow for teams of all kinds to create stunning documents and presentations, quickly draft and send customized proposals and contracts, and bulk send to all relevant parties to obtain signatures. We connect with all your favorite apps and CRMs to ensure a one-stop-shop for all your teams’ workflows. Our audit trail and analytics feature allows your team to collect priceless data on your customers’ behavior patterns, while our intuitive activity tracker makes sure your team is always one step ahead of the game.

Our customers

Both our domestic and international customers alike have halved the time it takes them to complete basic office tasks, like employee vacation requests and document organization to more complex tasks, like building customized proposals and obtaining a legally binding e-Signature on-the-go.

People seem to love what we do...

Because we designed this platform to fit each and every business, no matter the size or the number of teams, with the utmost adaptability and customization to create for the greatest user experience.

“Using Sogomatic really reduces the number of potential points for failure when on-boarding new patients. It increases speed and efficiency as well as cuts down on the duplication of data entry for both patients and staff members״.

Assi Kalderon

IT Manager, Novo Nordisk

“Sogomatic has truly facilitated and improved overall communication between our teams in the field and our teams in the office. With Sogomatic, everything is now mobile and works quickly and easily.”

Mark Shaw

Director of Marketing and Communications Kone

“Sogomatic improved our order-processing protocol so efficiently that it allowed our sales team to close between ten to fifteen contracts – at once! We’ve never felt better at our jobs, and our customers are noticing the difference!”

Yuval Levi

VP Sales Wiser Finance

“Sogomatic has revolutionized the way we handle digital processes and forms within our organization. This platform has, without a doubt, improved our customer experience by being integrated with our website and creating successful digital processes for our customers 24/7.”

Tomer V.

Sales director The Israeli Fuel Company