Accessibility Statement

Accessibility statement for Sogomatic

Sogomatic  company considers it of paramount importance to make websites accessible to people with disabilities, thereby enabling surfers to browse the company’s website more easily and comfortably.
Building a site of its kind has been created from various content and service pages that require accessibility for people with disabilities.
Sogomatic, invests a lot of resources, so that the materials on the site will be accessible in a clear and easy way to users with various disabilities.

The process of accessing websites or as it is better known as website accessibility includes:

Simple navigation of the site pages using the keyboard only
A clear view of the site components
Possibility to change the font size at two levels A, AA, on all pages of the site
Adaptation for different browsers
Adaptation to work at different resolutions – Responsive
Heavy-sighted – eliminating colors and turning colors black and white
Visually impaired – sharp and dark in appearance
Heavy-sighted – sharp and clear-sighted
Flicker stop – flashing buttons, pop-ups or any movement on the site.
Readable font – replaces the font with a uniform font throughout the site
Highlighting links – Emphasizes the links on the site with the help of a marking line
Accessibility statement
Disabling accessibility

Keyboard navigation:

On the home page, press ALT + H
To open or close the accessibility menu, press ALT + A

Website accessibility check:
“This site has been tested and meets the accessibility standard” according to the Accessibility Law as of Aug 10, 2021

The site has been tested in the nvidia screen reader and in browsers: Chrome and Explorer

The level of accessibility of the site in accordance with the required law is level 2 AA

Accessibility restrictions:
If for any reason the page you viewed is not accessible to your satisfaction or for any reason you find it appropriate to report to us that the page does not meet the standard set by law, we apologize for this and we will be happy to correct it immediately.

We will be happy to answer any questions and receive any comments regarding accessibility, at the following address: