How does workflow automation work and what are its examples

Did you know that it is possible for any team in any business condition to benefit from using workflow automation? Well then you know now! Not only can workflow automation be used in sales and marketing related fields, but human resources, finance, operation and many other fields can make use of it.

Examples of workflow automation

  1. Marketing workflow automation – your business can be able to automate most of the everyday marketing tasks for instance, sending emails. Common examples of automated workflows in marketing is;
  •  Welcome a subscriber to your company. Having a welcome email is essential for users who sign up for your content. Users love to feel welcomed, so the welcome email will show them how you care about them and it may eventually help to build a good client-company relationship. You can use the welcome workflows to elaborate on what users should expect to gain from your company and how they can access it or you can even use the welcome workflows to surprise your subscribers with bonuses that your company offers. 
  • To get responses from clients. It is important to know what your clients feel about your company because it will help you to make necessary adjustments or improvements that can in turn help you to gain your customers’ loyalty. Getting feedback from your customers is not so easy as it seems but having an automated workflow that is entirely designed for collecting customer feedback makes the whole process much easier. 
  • To schedule a post across various social media networks.
  • Campaign approvals
  • Brand management
  1. Human resource workflow automation – HR automation software can be able to handle all the HR related tasks such as entering your new employees’ personal information/details. Common examples of automated workflows in HR include:
  • Employee information management (employee onboarding & offboarding) 
  • Vacation requests
  • Sending emails regarding interview processes updates
  • Eliminating certain candidates who haven’t been active for a period of time from the database.
  • To filter candidates with particular keywords in their job history. 
  1. Finance workflow automation – using finance workflow automation software can enable you to streamline almost all the travel requests, budget approvals, etc due to the fact that you are able to build, design and keep track of all your processes. Some common automated workflow in finance are:
  • Budget approvals
  • Managing travel expense requests on the basis of location and activity
  • Managing vendor and contract approvals
  • Fixed asset purchases.
  1. Operations workflow automation – you can automate most of your tasks related to operations in order to minimize manual labor data entry. Some of the common automated workflows in operations are:
  • Complaint management
  • Determining priorities for different business processes
  • New product request
  • Creating tasks in third parties like zoom.
  • Maintenance requests
  • Managing team permissions for new team members
  1. Customer service workflow – when it comes to customer services, you can use workflow automation to handle tickets, frequently asked questions, and many other tasks related to customer service by way of sending an email or creating tasks. Common automated workflows in customer service include:
  • Customer issue resolution
  • Technical issue resolution
  • Customer onboarding
  • Customer engagement

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