Legally Binding eSignatures

Close deals and proposals with ease

Speed and security at the forefront of it all.
Upgrade the speed and security of your document-signing processes by utilizing one of our favorite features. With Legally Binding eSignatures, your customers (and teammates) can thank you for integrating a safer way to handle important documents.
Your signatures just became seamless.
Gone are the days when your team needed to be glued to their desk and their bulky printer, waiting to receive a document in order to sign, scan, and send it back. Track your contracts and proposals from a simplified dashboard accessible to you anytime, anyplace.
Instant updates, wherever you are
View the amount of times your contract has been opened and the amount of time your customer spent reading it at a glance. Our activity tracking and instant notifications allow you and your teams to stay on-the-ball with every contract and proposal sent.

Additional capabilities