Writing proposals just got better- how to successfully write a good proposal

Earning more profits starts mostly with an efficacious proposal. To write an unbeaten proposal will imply writing for the user and providing a comprehensible, beneficial solution to their problem. Respectively, every proposal must be planned out before it is written. This planning guarantees an extensive deliberation of your target audience, the most potent formation, and convincing content. The proposal must be a form that is made-to-order which places your business’ strengths with the needs of customers. 

Developing a proposal can be quite terrifying, however, there are many great examples to give you motivation.

Therefore, to fully acknowledge how to better your bid, we have outlined five amazing examples. We will review the five examples shading more light on both the terrific ways used and common mistakes that should be avoided.

Freelance writing proposal. Freelance writing proposal – This is a web-based proposal. 

Analysis/evaluation/comments –  This proposal is efficacious because it lays out a clear, definite solution to the problems of the client, and it also unfolds with an executive summary that is value-oriented. The letter in the introduction section and the executive summary hold strong, convincing elements that denote definite needs of clients. To strengthen the first part, it could be a good idea to combine these two elements. Once more, the “about me section” is recommended to be presented after the “solution section”

 Project management proposal. Project management proposal – This is a detailed and comprehensible proposal that breaks down the process and pricing elements. The proposal’s content is well written and highlights the business’ understanding of the needs of clients and their value proposition. 

Analysis/evaluation/comments-  the executive summary leaves a lot to be desired. Each and every sentence is supposed to be convincing and definite, forasmuch as this text is dreary and ambiguous.

Engineering services proposal. In this proposal, the setting sections of the project distinctly lays out the processes of work for the clients. Every individual function is simplified and appears to respond to specifications of “an RFP(a request for proposal)”. Using specifications of clients to make-ready a proposal makes it much more effortless for the reviewer to understand how the solution you are offering straightly clears up their worry. This particular part is very solid and needs to come right after the executive summary. 

Analysis/evaluation/comments – it is a great idea for the introductory summary to incorporate a more convincing and definite dialect.  The introduction and sections for teams are supposed to be placed near the end of the proposal. Since it is not about your business, you should always start with the benefit to the client. How your business can be of good use to your client should be your main area of focus. 

Web design proposal. This proposal plainly indicates the procedure for executing the proposed services. The finances are broken down so that the client can know the unit, hourly, and subscription costs. 

Analysis/evaluation/comments – it is important for the sections regarding the ‘solutions’ to precede, and the ‘about us’ and ‘team sections’ need to come right after the introductory part. 

Financial services proposal. The content and course of this proposal are very solid. However, the ‘about us section’ is an exception. 

Analysis/evaluation/comments – despite the fact that the ‘about us and team sections’ do enrich the proposal, the client is very much invested in the ‘solution section’. Therefore, if the solution is suitable, then the people behind it are the next to study. The executive summary should be a very persuasive and definite outline for the reviewer. Be it that you are using your company’s template or software, It is of great importance to provide your customers with crucial details first.  You are supposed to help your customers to easily see how helpful your proposal is to them. 


Your proposal is your unmediated chance to procure a new business venture. In each and every step of preparing for the proposal, make sure to keep the client in mind. This master plan may mean renovating templates that already exist or starting afresh. Most importantly, learn from these examples. Take the good parts of these examples, make sure to avoid the mistakes, and put your best effort to help your potential clients.

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